Companion , its ecosystem & the SwingSwiss Games 🏆

On March 3rd, we announced Companion to the public.

It took weeks of testing to finally publish Companion V1. The indicator is a testimony of our savoir-faire and concludes our relationship with the TradingView platform.

We are proud of it and for the first time we decided to offer a lighter version for free to anyone asking for it on our Discord Server.

What is Companion?

Companion is the only indicator you will ever need. Your trading buddy, your advisor, your guardian angel keeping you from doing that messy trade. Call it whatever you want, but you get the idea 😉

It is also pretty powerful, here are some features:

  • Works on any asset and timeframe
  • Identifies trends and bull/bear forces
  • Anticipates market reversals in multiple ways
  • Suggests ENTRY points
  • Suggests EXIT points
  • Keeps your charts super clean

Great, right?

We wanted everyone to benefit from such a fantastic tool. Companion Light has the same features as its big brother. It works on ETH pairs on the M1 and M15 timeframes. It’s our gift to you 🎁

Get yours on our Discord.

The SwingSwiss Terminal is our primary focus, and we believe it will please most investors. But, we’re convinced that Companion will find its own audience. It is the 1st (but not the last) external tool we are launching to offer a complete investing solution.

Do you want to know our next step?

The SwingSwiss Chrome extension for OpenSea 👀


The ultimate goal of Companion is to make trading simpler and more straightforward. We want it to grow with its own community, and ecosystem.

Crypto Twitter has gone wild this year: scammy shitcoins shilling, ponzis, copycat NFTs… probably due to the market being tense.

We want to inspire a healthy competitive vibe around trading. We want to see people profiting together and share their performances using Companion.

Introducing The SwingSwiss Games 🛡

What better solution than an Olympic Games like competition to bring everyone together? 🏆

When we get 5K participants, we will be hosting our 1st weekly tournament.

Thousands of people united around trading. (A concept which doesn’t know the bear market whatsoever.)

The players will fight for 4 great Houses, 4 great Armies managed by influencers from all over the world. They play an essential role in our tournament since they are the ones who form the teams. They liven up their team, and involve each member.

The houses’s names echo the Greek alphabet:


More about the SwingSwiss Games 💸

Each week a new game starts with its own dedicated War Bounty 💰 and specifications. There will be several types of prediction questions to answer.

Players will be able to earn cash (stables/ETH) and SwS Tokens (for game purpose only).

SwS Token can be redeemed for:

  • new features in Companion Light
  • a full Companion Access
  • Merch
  • a Pioneer NFT (!!!)

Each team has a bank with 2 accounts.

  1. A real crypto wallet with the Bounty earned
  2. A SwS Tokens wallet. As a team you can invite players or win a contest to earn some.

Each week, the team’s managers decide what to do with the money earned. Here is a quick scheme to explain your options :

Each player also has their own SwS Tokens account. To earn some, they can join a team, shill Companion on Twitter and get good answers to the Games.

More about Companion and its ecosystem will be disclosed soon.

Here you go, prepare for battle warriors! ⚔️



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