SwingSwiss Terminal: A complete crypto-investment ecosystem built around one fully integrated solution

Professionalizing the crypto investment industry through high-technology

We believe that the crypto investment market needs to get professionalized and accessible to everyone. We want to help all market participants whether retail or institutional make better decisions and educate themselves for the ultimate benefit of society.

SwingSwiss was originally developed for a Geneva-based Hedge Fund specializing in the US stock market. I, (Dan) was leading the project and left the fund to build SwingSwiss Crypto as I fell in love with the ecosystem.

In the span of 5 months, we became 2021 TradingView’s fastest growing suite of premium indicators and the essential trading companion for thousands of traders around the globe.

But TradingView was only the beginning. We were approached by institutions and we launched our consulting firm while building a strong community of retail investors.

“Serving both sides made us realize how lost and underserved are crypto investors right now. Actors in our industry need data, analytics, and information-delivery services. They need quick access to essential news and trading tools on crypto trading, NFTs, and DeFi.”

- Dan Chetrit, SwingSwiss Founder

Some businesses are currently offering solutions to specific problems (NFT, Rug scanner, alerts…) but they tend to be alone in their niches and way too costly for the simple solutions they provide.

Having used and enjoyed the Bloomberg Terminal when I was an equity trader, I understood the need for a similar platform in our ecosystem. Our team, the SwingSwiss community, and I spent the entire year conceptualizing and coding a comprehensive yet powerful set of tools that will cover every aspect of the crypto market.

A really non-exhaustive list of tools: Charting, trend detectors, yields aggregator ranking, powerful smart money tracker, AI forecasting tools on your favorite crypto, the last news and FED digests, an auto-rug detector on any contract, NFT tracking, Whale Index, alerts, customed Discord digest, wallet tracking, and way more! 🔥🔥

Turning data into actions

We are building the most advanced crypto trading terminal but that’s not all. We are doing it the SwingSwiss way!

From the start, we are traders developing cutting-edge investment tools to offer high-quality trading signals. We have it in our DNA, we turn data into actions.

We are currently updating our TradingView indicators and signals to implement them on our own charting system.

We also partnered with 45 high-class investors, specialized in their domains that will analyze the markets and post in real-time their research, opinions, calls, and estimates.

Finally, SwingSwiss is developing AI tools computing data from the Blockchain, internal sources, news, social media, and more to offer the best calls on all crypto markets.

SwingSwiss Institute — Preparing tomorrow’s crypto-investment experts

We are constantly being asked for recommendations, references for people to hire.

Funds and other institutions are desperately in need of crypto-investment experts but there are no curricula proving efficiency in this sector.

Out of spite and security, they are forced to hire very expensive headliners who have proven their expertise. It’s completely unsustainable. Banks and funds need analysts, juniors, traders. Casual workforce…

We believe mass adoption will come with professionalization. That’s why we partnered with renowned professors and builders to launch the SwingSwiss Institute.

We will provide crypto-investment professionals education aiming to promote the standards in ethics, education, and professional excellence in the crypto investment industry.

The institute is a not-for-profit, anyone will be able to attend most classes but in order to get certified, there will be barriers to entry (pre-requisites), a strict corpus designed by university professors, masterclasses, and in-person exams in most capitals.

2 NFTs collections: Passive income & Voting Rights. A consumer-driven product with a Crypto Mindset.

The SwingSwiss community has grown incredibly quickly in the last few months, the commitment is strong and we have built most tools hand in hand with the community.

We thought we were helping them but realized that they were helping us much more. We had to reward such teamwork.

Our business plan is simple, we need super-engaged partners, feedback, and happy customers.

1st collection: The Pioneers (1,000-SOLD OUT)

Each Pioneer receives a unique NFT representing a SwingSwiss king 👑

The NFT offers full access to our platform and passive income!

Passive Income :

  • 80% of a SwingSwiss Terminal subscriber 1st payment + 20% of the recurring payments 🤯

Dope right? But that’s not all!

Clients became partners and they are entitled to appoint half the Board of Advisors (more on that in the next article).

2nd collection: The Alphas

Alphas will help us reach our goal and launch the amazing platform we are building! We need them and felt it was important to reward tenfold the investment the Alphas are putting into this project.

Alphas NFTs are unique and offer full access to The SwingSwiss Crypto Terminal as well as passive income for less than the cost of an annual membership 🚀

Board Of Advisors:

  • 25% of seats 👨‍💼
Lifetime NFT = Alphas ;)

The idea behind rewarding our first users/investors with 100% of future clients' first payment is simple.


We believe SwingSwiss will be a go-to platform for anyone looking to invest in the crypto market and learn more deeply about it.

This unique business plan puts the client first, forces the team to always be on point and listen to consumers in order to minimize our churn rate.

We hope you are as excited as we are. More details on our launch, the board of advisors, and Passive income predictions will be released in the coming days — all major announcements will be posted on our Twitter and Discord!

Thanks for reading!

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