UPDATES: Pioneers/The Terminal/ Alpha Collections

We’re proud to announce that the Pioneers can now mint their NFTs! The reveal will happen in the upcoming days, but you can already get your hands on these gems.

Quick reminder:

Pioneer NFT = Lifetime access to the SwingSwiss Terminal + Passive income.

Check out our collection on Opensea :


Now, let’s focus on our upcoming “Alpha” collection.

Time flies, so as our ambitions. The last few weeks were exhausting, and the platform development is going well. We reached out to many crypto experts to build more Defi and NFT tools.

The community made great suggestions and we cannot thank you enough for your great ideas. We received several pieces of advice from well-known crypto influencers as well.

Your voice matters, and we decided to focus on your feedback. We spent hours and hours with the team considering each proposal.

The Alphas collection represents the future of SwingSwiss and it has to be a success.

Our ambitions are clear: to be the number one crypto investment terminal. Building the best set of tools, having amazing customer service and a vibrant international community.

It’s not an easy goal to achieve. We have the ideas, the people, the resources, the funds… everything except time. Rushing this project is not an option, so we took the decision to delay the Alpha Collection. We will announce a new launch date in time.

We completely revamped our strategy accordingly.

Our next article will cover the upcoming changes to the Alphas, our marketing plan, and more details on the Terminal features.

- SwingSwiss, the Bloomberg of crypto.



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